Friday, June 24, 2022

Lyrics of unit - divine comedy

Divine Comedy

He’ll wake again today
His madness only pain
He have so much to say
He rather die instead

Papa raped him nine or ten years old
And who can tell him why
Rather go to jail than
Kick dad’s ass again, who
wants cigarettes in hell

papa told him nothing wasn’t so bad
didn’t let him cry
mamma died today but dad don’t really care
who gives a damn about him

he’ll wake again today
his madness is his pain
he doesn’t want to talk
he rather die instead

he believed that things
where going wrong
and who can tell him why?

Rather kill again than
Save dad’s ass again
No, no cigarettes in his hell

Papa told him nothing wasn’t so bad
Didn’t tell him to cry
Mamma died today but dad don’t
Really care
Who got cigarettes in hell

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