Friday, October 28, 2022

Lyrics of Mar de Grises - Be welcome Oh Hideous Hell

Be Welcome Oh Hideous Hell
(Mar De Grises)

Choirs of light, They go shattering dreams
Like dark voices of sluggish breath
...between drifted mind-lapses
The winged one longed for heavens

Crying tears of gods
Numb the senses with hummed tenderness
Voices, they are carcass
Voices, I'm begging

Fierce, wounded sweat
Gathers between sonic blasts
Caídas libres de suelo
Sueños libres de cielo

Among beasts, No corpses
I smile within fire
Screaming, blasting worlds
1000 stars were born

Dried out flowers raise on glimpses
Among those bleeding sounds

Eroded, nowhere paths
Are know slaves of wind
Screaming: The world is no more!
Voices, they seem rain

As I hide behind my eyes
Like shining senses
Turned in to demon
They'll worship my fury
Turned in to rain
They'll burn with my words!
Be welcome Oh horrible heaven

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