Thursday, October 27, 2022

Lyrics of The Simpsons Sing the Blues: Moanin' Lisa Blues by Lisa Simpson

(The Simpsons)

I've got a bratty brother
He bugs me everyday
This morning,my own mother
Gave my last cupcake away
My dad,he acts like
Like he belongs in a zoo
I'm the sadddest kid
The saddest kid in grade number two!
I wish I had a pony
I wish I were 18
I wish I had a dime
For every kid that treats me mean.
They tease me'cause I'm different.
Little different from the rest!
Well I'm down so low,
If I cheered up,I'd still be depressed!

The saxophone's my best friend.
I play all over town.
But when i practice in my room I hear:

Lisa Keep it Down!

Although I'm only eight years old,I've really played my blues!
It's true!
That's why I got a case of
A case of the moanin' Lisa blues!
I wonder how I got here.
I wonder what I'll be
The saddest little twig
On this crazy familt tree!
I feel like I'm a loser!
With nothing left to lose!
That's why I got a case of
A case of the Moanin' Lisa blues!
But there's just no post-ponin'
A case of the moanin' Lisa blues!

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