Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Lyrics of Ten Falls Forth - After School Special

After school special
(Ten Falls Forth)

The city is breathing tonight,
As we watch these city streets come to life.
and breading that style into
those how fell short of trying
And intertwining love with fear,
Romanced with hate, connecting on,
City street corners.

The blue light resembles these merchant tellers
And the neon light solicits the perfect night light

I know nothings going on,
But Im broken down and tired of home again.
Because Im running.
And Im obsessed with your mentality,
That Im coming home back to see you,
And I dont care if Ill ever sleep tonight.

And bombing hills to release aggression,
Some lonely street beggar is losing his discretion.
And these children are lying and dying,
In these broke down city stores
with these broke down city whores.
(the blue light.)
(if Im really broken, would I want to fix it?)

So lend me four dollars,
To support this orphan overseas.
While my neighbor is dying,
From this disease we call poverty.
Now your machine is breaking down,
As these city streets fall to sleep

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