Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Lyrics of Ten Falls Forth - Last Second Confessions

Last second confessions
(Ten Falls Forth)

This gutter has become,
A new best friend of mine,
Someone I can talk to and
Someone to run to,
A friend that never lies.

Tell me now,
is there such thing as second chances,
when all these lost romances, leave you in the dark?
We live each day lost without any discretion
With last second confessions that we both know this is wrong.

So wrong
so tell me is there a reason to waking up in the morning
when theres no one there to see you wake?
And I could never be anything other than what youve made me,
And Im sorry but this is my stop.

Now will you slow down and wait,
push aside these heroes that couldnt save the day.
The last time that I thought Id find a way,
to crawl out of this gutter,
And fly out of this place,
was the last time.

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