Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Lyrics of Ten Falls Forth - She Put the Sad in This Song

She put the sad in this song
(Ten Falls Forth)

Shes high above a silhouette
Dancing below with all the people
Their eyes were locked
As all her thoughts
Were recklessly thrown out the window

And now the grounds racing towards her
She cant believe
This is the end
Now the grounds chanting faster
Falling alone,
Please someone catch her

A boy shes grown to love
And a friend shes known forever
Now has left her
Her knees give out
Her head begins
To fill with disaster

Now the grounds getting closer
Is this a dream
I cant believe
A face in the crowd
Now stands out
Calling for her

Memories linger just out of reach
Her life flashed before her
Darkness now surrounds her
Not knowing what to think
I'll be turning ???

With his arms wrapped around her
Comforting her
In this nightmare
And his kiss will never wake her
Revealing all the hopeless despair

And she put the sad in this song
And she put the sad in this song

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