Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Lyrics of Berner "All We Do" feat Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J

All We Do
(Juicy J)

Man it's been so long (Man it's been so long)
Shit runnin' through my mind
Am I runnin' out of time?
Quick road trip, move a hundred at a time
Three cellphones, I'mma need another line
When them trucks pull up, yeah, it's money on the line
Man, this shit's too easy
Cut a little square of the block
My hand on the Glock
If it pop off, he gon' be bleedin'
We just wanna smoke and chill
Touched down with another load to sell
You don't have weight, you don't hold forreal
I just pulled down in the Oakland hills
I just pulled up in a, coke white, drop with the floor lights
Three girls at once, that's tour life
Real plugs say, 'Bern we need your price'
Cut blow, double up, buy more ice
Still in the streets with the work for low
I got rich way back off purple smoke
I brought a big ass bag full of herb to roll
I might flex on a bitch, yeah, curve a hoe
Frisco, baby, that's where I'm from
We ride old schools, race cars for fun
I got a whole house full, you should cop you some
I get a crazy ass rush when I knock me some

All we do is roll some joints and smoke until the sun come up
All we do is grind all day and try to get the money up
All we do is hit the club and tell some bitches come with us
Party and get high

Don't hop in the whip if your not down to show shit
Im with TGOD all my bros here
Ain't worried about your man, don't go there
We can smoke all day and go nowhere
Girl i'm so player, I get high all day
Deposit them checks all my guys getting paid
No time for the stress i'm just trying to get laid
And ya'll niggas ain't got, no deals
No meals, no snowmobiles, so chill, i'm so real
No bills, just smoke don't choke but your hoe will
I just made a play today, I just might drop a new day to day
Smoking weed ballin' in a major way
Young rich ni*** thats safe to say
Bitch want to f*** with me cause i'm ballin'
Knowing that I won't call in the morning
Whole lot of kush never have a shortage
Whole lot of bank and my bitch is gorgeous
Whole lot of niggas so my section packed
Whole lots of whips with the top going back
Taylor Gang niggas on top thats facts
Niggas still ain't need to stop all that

All we do is get money then we celebrate
Roll a lot of weed then we elevate
Money on my mind when I elevate
When it comes to gettin' cash i don't hesitate
See I got a city view for my pent house
When I want to take a cruise pull a bent out
When I got an old school and her titty out
Tell them close them all down imma rent it out
See ya girl want to meet me at my bake sell
Say you got your own lock but I can't tell
Niggas think I can't tell that they fake as hell
Know a couple young niggas send it through the mail
The beat might stop but your hoe don't
Money don't stop cause the flow don't
I'm the type of ni*** that your hoe won't
You the type of ni*** that a hoe don't
Want to f*** with, get stuck with
You the type of ni*** on some sucka shit
Im the type of ni*** never love a bitch
Im just tryna get money i'm on some other shit
Smoking propane getting brain from your main thang
Spitting game switching lane to lane in that new mustang

[Hook x2]

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