Monday, November 14, 2022

Lyrics of King Diamond: Cross of Baron Samedi (lyrics)

Cross Of Baron Samedi
(King Diamond)

Tuesday evening

One single hour, is like a working day
Father Malone is getting tired
Darkness...has come again
The Demons seem to be resting
Sarah is looking just like Hell
There ain't much left of her to save now

Meanwhile in Salem's quarters
There's shadow that moves
Into a room full of secrets of life
Into a room only few have survived
There is a cross upon the wall
The cross of Baron Samedi
The shadow is taking the cross away
The shadow is Lula, the girl that no one ever sees

I see her shadow with that cross mine
I see her shadow slipping into the night
The cross of Baron Samedi will set us free
The cross of Baron Samedi, just wait and see

[solo Herb]

The cross of Baron Samedi is full of nails
The cross of Baron Samedi could split your head
Take it to Sarah... Take it to Sarah... Sarah

Darkness..she's up again
Sarah is standing in front of Father Malone
Sleeping..the Father's on a chair
Sarah is saying: "Father, I'm about to sin"

Then one to the Father's head
The cross is coming down so hard
Screaming, bleeding, Malone goes down
Again and...again and...his blood is all around

[solo Andy]

[In comes Grandpa:] "Stop it Sarah stop"
I don't know why, but Sarah dropped the cross
Two hours later everyone was here
Police and ambulance, wiping up the tears

[solo Herb]


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