Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Lyrics of Merkules & John Nonny - ''As We Are''

As We Are


Gotta lotta blue checks in my DM's
They tryna figure out the next shit I be on
It's me and this music and this industry havin' threesomes
Turn that shit under my ?? and turn this ?? into a kiosk
We just Merk & John Nonny every verse is hard body
And I'm certain y'all want it, like a virgin on molly
This is certified hom-ie doggy, what they expect?
A butter-face but with a body you could cut at the neck
Yeah they want beef, I'm all arms like I'm jumpin' a fence
Like a Nike-Hype piece, I get nothin' but checks
And I feel less in these bars, like I left without payin'
Y'all doctors in the clinics

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