Monday, November 14, 2022

Lyrics of Núria Graham - Marjorie (Lyric Video)

(Núria Graham)

I hope it’s raining too, wherever you are
‘Cos today it looks beautiful

I hope you think about us, as much as I do
If we got crazy, it would be beautiful

Since last spring that it’s been the same way
And nobody could change my mind out

The dreams may mean something I don’t care
I still see you lying on that bed

And I’m bored
And you are too
And I’m bored
And you are too

I hope you find yourself wherever you go
But remember that I’ll always be you

It’s the 28 of July today
10.32, you must be at work

Tell me what’s poetry, compared to your silence
Though it’s only just your’re singing a song

The words that you’ve never tried to say
I burn from your beauty, it’s not fair

The sound of bored
And we’ve got bored to do

And I am so
I can’t stop thinking about you

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