Monday, November 14, 2022

Lyrics of Rialto "Catherine's Wheel" Music Video (UK/Korea) directed by John H. Lee


Like a shot from the dark
In the silence of night
Down the black boulevard
Come the blinding headlights

If it isn't the hit
It's the thrill of the chase
You've got to admit
It's a hell of a place

But when she turns
How she sparkles and burns
And I am bound by her spell
I'm tied to her carousel
Like shooting stars
That scratch away in the dark
I know that my fate is sealed
On Catherine's wheel

So look down the tracks
See how far you've come
There's no turning back
The deal is done

Take hold of the rail
It's a heart-stopping ride
The sparks fall like hail
As she draws me inside


Oh, the record goes round
The needle goes down
On a forgotten sound

(Chorus x2)

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