Friday, November 25, 2022

Lyrics of A Toast - Jae-R & O-Bee (LYRICS)

A Toast

Your boy fly, I report live from the cockpit
Pick a part on my whole anatomy a rock sits
And I shine like pharaoe princes
I rest my case these rappers are defenseless
Yeah, And Im sort of like a hooligan
Class is in session, you can bet that I be schoolin em
This is rap monoply, my turn to roll the dice
No stoppin me, I paid the price of life
thats right, ure grammar is corrected
Surgeon with the flow, Dr. O will ya neck split
(Haha) Now I can see your cranium
A Cannible like Hannibal, AND I got the anecdote

I seek money, cause money dont seek comfort
The rap Miles Davis, I blow flows like trumpets
But Money aint everything, its more about timing
In due time I´ll shine like Nigerian diamonds
Or bright Halo´s, thats how God made him
And every single scar was a bar in the making
I had dreams and we entertained them
I thought, Could it all be that amazing?
But no, its just me thats amazing!
Nowadays its seems I breathe allegations
You must bury me alive before you see me cave in
Look, competition is breathing and pacing
Tell victory I said "Hi, lets win"
I will be in my office, bring success in
I dont live life according to circumstances,
its more where I stand in my circumstances

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