Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lyrics of Angelzoom - Back in the moment (HD)

Back In The Moment

Back In The Moment en español

I stare into Space
I'm in your Mind now
I did grieve you somehow
I stare into you
will you bear more Pain?
I know your Thoughts
drive me Insane

I close my Eyes
alone in my Room
there is no silence in my head
I try to see the Truth
the way I loose

We're on the way
Back in the moment now

"Ich seh' in Deinem Herz
deine Gedanken.
Ein Blick in Deine Welt.
Ich fìhl' Deinen Schmerz.
Die Zeit ist verloren.
Der Augenblick
der unsere Tr¤ume erh¤lt.

[Repeat Chorus 1x]

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