Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Lyrics of Barfight on Bedford Ave.

Barfight On Bedford Ave.
(Crime In Stereo)

I've noticed that you like to live your life
On borrowed friends and borrowed time.
We don't live that way done here,
Those bonds have formed throughout the years
Of the worst times, never the best.
Your superficial smile and two-week old friendships
Don't impress me
The best of you couldn't get the least of my interest.
Things change as quick as a hit-and-run
There's a lot of red lights between these days and the rest of our lives.
Tell whoever that was to be careful which ones he runs.
There's nothing left but to put my faith in friends.
So ink up that skin and do your best to fit in.
This is your last chance to hold on to what you've been given.
Cause I don't mind, it's kind of flattering to me
Watching you drown beneath all the things that you wish you could be.

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