Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Lyrics of Black and Blue | Uh Huh Her

Black and Blue
(Uh Huh Her)

Black and Blue en español

All my ways are covered, faded
But I will follow through
Anyone would tell you not to
But they’re just jaded

Carry me to another place
I don’t know which way to go
All my insides are black and blue
From killing you

I can feel another surge, we’re undercover
Take it to the next level, please don’t give it to another
All this time I’ve searched myself, tell me which way to go
But still your love is killing me, I’m black and blue

I’m loving the chase baby
I’m willing to chase the night away
I’m loving the chase baby
I’m loving this game

I took it all for granted darling
I’d do anything to take it away, take you away
Now this is the final hour, I’ll give you your key back to your heart
It’s for another

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