Friday, December 30, 2022

Lyrics of Dance Gavin Dance - Rock Solid

Rock Solid
(Dance Gavin Dance)

Rock Solid en español

The first thing I say in the morning is
"Fuck that shit"
People are offended and tired
so f*** that shit.
I walk myself to my church service
and ask for this
Balance my brain chemicals
so I can give a shit

Stay back, don't make advances
I'll keep my side of the trade
(Here is a blatant remark)
I fought for bitter contacts were in order
(I'll never get arrested)
Bitter contacts were in order
This is all for the opposition
For the opposition

Make it right
put your soul on ice
give a chance to make this better
Make it right
put your soul on ice
lets wait to pull that lever
Make this right
put your soul on ice
I need to make this better
make this right
put your soul on ice
but I still make this wrong

I get hyphy on such a decadent mixture
man we're back again
but im only here for just one more show
feel the back of my hand
feeling alone on such a decadent mixture
wanna hit ya get your picture and just take you home
record banter we make post parole

And then I took the keys right out of the ignition
and I ran, broke out down running down the street
lookin for where the hell
where the hell can I hide?
People, people tryin to ask me questions man
I don't know the fuc*** answers

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