Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lyrics of Landon Pigg - Gardenia

(Landon Pigg)

I always like the drama
I always like the joke
I always like the love and
I always like the smoke
I never been a poser
child of my day
but I sent a lot of postcards
and yours is on its way


I traded in my p(something) homes
for (something) through my ear
it kinda hurts to sleep on
the pain is not what i fear
I shiver at the prospect
of being just one thing
I missed a lot of targets
I never lost my aim


I've done a lot of research
I read a lot of books
I turned a lot of pages
I've seen some dirty looks
but I can break the weather
or a chilly glance from you
cuz somewhere in the distance
the sun is peaking through

tuturu tuturururutu
tuturururutu x 5

I've always been a flower
I've always been a tree
a cabin in the forest
a blanket on the beach
never in my whole life
would I change as far
I've always loved the moonlight
I've always felt the sun

somewhere in the middle
of the sunset and the tree
is the prettiest gardenia
the prettiest gardenia
the prettiest gardenia
that you never see

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