Monday, December 19, 2022

Lyrics of Lunachicks - 2 Bad 4 U

2 bad 4 U

three years I spent at your home
now am I glad that I'm all alone
three years you took and I gave
wasted so much time on the phone

i'm so glad that it's finally done
woke from my sleep to find your not the one
by myself I feel it, I like it
you sleep by day & I worship the sun!

it's too bad
it's too bad
it's too bad
you'll be fartng alone in a dark room

your life sucks and you cant be happy
dont try and tell me what I say is not true
I feel better when I dont see your face
I feel better when there is no trace of you
it makes me sick when I think about it
I'm happy here lost in space


it wont be hard for me to forget
all the times you made me so wet!
sometimes my finger is all that I need
and your hand is all your gonna get

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