Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lyrics of (Original) Goodmorning Sun by Jessica Allossery

Goodmorning Sun
(Jessica Allossery)

A crack of light is beaming
in my eyes and your eyes
Are opening so slow
From the morning so bright

Its coming so quickly now
Sun is rising through the clouds
Your heart beat is matching
the sound of mine

The Sun is rising
The trees are growing
Yellow light is streaming
On you and me
Goodmorning sun
Goodmorning sun

The day passes so slow
When youre gone and im gone
Time wanders like a ghost
It lingers, so calm

When the clouds hide the light
Its just like the night
Then you can be by my side, by my side


I cant wait til this day comes to an end
The night will come and i will see you again
It wont be too long
it wont be too long

The sun is resting
Trees are sleeping
The moonlight is streaming
On you and me

Today is gone
Dusk has begun
Goodnight sun
Goodnight sun

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