Monday, December 19, 2022

Lyrics of Sharyn Maceren "Christmas Kiss"

Christmas Kiss
(Sharyn Maceren)

is the season we should
so I'm thinkin' bout' your lips
and how I want to give you
a kiss under the mistletoe

Verse II
and you...
i don't even think you know
'cause I never let it show
but I think it's time I let
all of my feelings flow

so, won't you close your eyes and
come up close this time, yeah
do what's on your mind and
finally recognize that

this is the season
i'll give you this
this is the season
we should share a Christmas Kiss

i wonder if I give you a... (3x)
a Christmas kiss

it would be so nice
if you pressed your lips on mine
look out on this city night
'cause there is snow (snow)

repeat chorus

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