Sunday, December 11, 2022

Lyrics of Sizzla - Taking Over

Taking Over

seh wah, mi juss seh bun Babylon but mi nuh care
I ain't giving up, keep on living up, I'm indigenous
Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie Jah Rastafari
Him live and reign in di heart of all flesh
di Conquering Lion crown King of Kings
Lord of Lords wid him Lioness
so hear mi no?

Repatriation is a must to Ethiopia, Africa

Rastaman wi taking over and we've got nothing to fear
wi taking over righteousness mi declare
wi taking over and we've got nothing to fear
come on ,come on mek mi see your hands in di air

Yo cause a full time now let the trumpet sound
a full time now Babylon going down
a full time now mek di youth dem wear di crown
yo inna di country and di town

[Verse 1:]
hungry be fed, naked be clothed, sick be nourish, aged protected, infants fi cared for
mi and Babylon nah go par
tell dem mi and dutty Babylon always a war
nah go dip mi hand inna nuh punk cookie jar
police bwoy fi locks but a mar him guh mar
di soldier bwoy fi locks but a mar him guh mar
through him and di Pope and di bitch waan go par
Selassie flash di lightening dat mi tell di gun dar
Selassie roll di tunda dat mi tell di gun dar
dem lost dem ways dem nuh know who dem are
well then mi tell yuh your da bright and a morning star
nuff a dem a brag bout seh dem a toppa nar
King Selassie is di almighty, yaah star
Emmanuel a di Higer Priest, yaah star
Marcus a mi black prophet, yaah star
di Blaack Woman she a mi black mother, yaah star
Selassie blaze him golden chalice when Castro talk bout seh dem a smoke dem cuban cigar
mi smoke mi Marijuana inna mi van or mi car

[Bridge 2:]
Cause a full time now rise di youth from di slum
a full time now mek di fiyah gwan bun
a full time now speak di truth from mi tongue
dutty Babylon yuh going dung yo yo yow


[Verse 2:]
Hear mi nuh hear mi nuh?
Mi nuh trust dem fi a minute nor second
righteousness a dat mi come fi reckon
tell dem seh listen wen Selassie beckon
dem get stubbon through dem start to carry big weapon
brag bout di magnum weh di laser beam deh pon
man mi shot di bwoy wid a old rusty Smith & Wesson
couldn't stop di powers weh mi a manifest on
bun dem out dem cyaan come contest di Rastaman


[Verse 3:]
Mi go sight dem pon di show down
pagan dem get throw down
too hype run guh tell dem seh fi slow down
Mystery Babylon dem haffi go down
dem a huff dem a puff mi building dem cyaan blow down

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