Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lyrics of Ugly Duckling - Jessica Allossery

Ugly Duckling
(Jessica Allossery)

I once knew a boy
With just a few friends
People said he was too thin
Hair too long, glasses too thick
His socks too high, his feet to big
And everything he did
Was so perfect to me.

They call him the ugly duckling
Hes my ugly duckling
Why would they say such a thing, when
They don’t even know what they’re missing
my little son, you’re the best thing to me

Well this boy
Never had a care in the world
He woke up with a smile on his face all day,
he would laugh and play,
until it was bed time,
he would dream of the sunshine
he would never whine
and he’s all mine

and the day came
when he started to believe what they were saying
And I told him it was all in their heads,
I said im so sorry
don’t you worry, Be happy,
they’re sad themselves
so they take it out on everybody else

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