Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lyrics of Ursula Rucker - For Women

For Women
(Ursula Rucker)

My skin I brown
My hair is platinum blonde, today
Burgundy tomorrow
My nails is long
I know no sorrow, cause
Ain't nothing I care to know, but
Where my check so I can get my tix for the Jay-Z show
I do aspire to be a video-ho do
And I know
Pop-eye got shot last night
That's how it go, in da ghetto
In da ghetto
What do they call me
Read the tattoo on the left breast
My name is Lexxus, yeah girl
My name is Lexxus, get it right

My skin was young, so young
It burned and tore
My hair was pressed and curled
And tied with ribbons that Sunday morn
September 15, 1963
I screamed in the basement of the church, I screamed
The last day I would ever see
Ma and Pa would never know the woman I would grow up to be
I was an involuntary offering for humanity
Why did they hate me
Why dey hate me, so, so, so
What did they call me
Four Little Girls
Four Little Girls

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