Friday, December 30, 2022

Lyrics of XXXTENTACION feat. ikabodVEINS - CHASE / glass shards (Audio)

CHASE / glass shards

What are you doing out in the middle of this field leaving your car?
I'm just not sure what he's thinking
He's getting back into his car, he's grabbed his bag
And from our vantage there's no one around him
You know, you wait for these things to end
But then you figure out it might wind up
He's completely alone
This is really starting to worry me, I gotta tell ya
I gotta tell ya

I been speakin' to the reaper, seein' spirits when I'm sleepin'
I been creepin' with them demons, shadows walkin' the flames
Sippin' blood with the leeches
F*** the God, you will leave him
When I look in the mirror, all I see is disgrace
All of this rage, feelin' my face
There's mud at the end of my blade
Can't complain, everything okay
Scars on my heart, from feelin' this pain
I got a knife in my back, can't kill me though
Known to be dull, my feelin's froze
Pray to the sky, Lord, give me hope
Bitch, I'm born alone and die alone
Kept hoes in my halo, slave for the peso
Middle finger, f*** that
Land of the free, feed cans to the teens
Never trust police, bitch, I bust back
F*** the government, never trust that
All the people wanna know where the love's at
We already know where the fuckin' drugs at
Where the guns at, get your scope, blatt

Yeah, hey, hey
I was in my house with some glass shards breaking out the backdoor (Yeah)
I'ma bash your track, oh, and I broke her backbone
Wild, heard her dad call
Pushed me on the damn floor, told me, "Put my pants on"
I was thinkin' a lot of things, by any means
I'll kill this bitch ni*** if he try to take the fuc*** girl of my dreams
I'll kill first, put his ass in the dirt
Body bag 'cause he knows where trouble at
Earth, and he ran through first

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