Sunday, January 22, 2023

Lyrics of ASTAIRE - Shout it out (Subtítulos en español)

Shout it Out

I'm telling a secret that finding it hard not to tell.
It's about me and somebody else who I know very well.
It's getting much harder to find a disguise.
Your love's beginning to shine in my eyes.
Too many emotions have flowed into me.
I've got to let go, let the whole world see
I'm gonna shout, shout shout out loud.
I'm tired of hiding and hiding behind a doubt.
Doubt, doubt, I shout it out.
Spell it out firmly, If nothing to feel.
I'm gonna shout, shout shout out loud.
And nothing will happen, and nothing to lose.
Spell it out! out, out spell it out.
I want you so badly, I'll tell all the world.
Shout it out.

I've made up my mind and I'm standing by what I believe.
I can't go on living a lie when I need you near me.
I'd go to the ends of the earth for your love.
Saying a prayer is it not enough?

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