Sunday, January 22, 2023

Lyrics of Away From Here - 06 - Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes
(Away From Here)

...You are just so far away
ButI decided I need to say
Ive got one thing Ive noticed
I noticed all the things you say
Just seem to take my breathe away
Its ok, Im gaspin for air
Wouldnt that be such a nice surprise
Just to see the look on your face
Would be worth more than anything
Just to see any look would be fine with me
But that's out of reach, and you know it

Because killing you
Is like killing part of me!

Well I know hometown heroes
So please just let me know
Well I know hometown heroes
So please just let me know

So Ill just wrap it right up
Nice and tight inside the package
And Ill send you my heart
Dont tear it open too fast
Because it says handle package with care
But my love is something I just have to share

These back roads
Like the back of my hand
This distance isnt what I had planned

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