Monday, January 23, 2023

Lyrics of Billie The Vision And The Dancers - Absolutely, Salutely

Absolutely, Salutely
(Billie The Vision and the Dancers)

I’m on tour with the Canarie folks, it’s the summer of 2005,
and Charlie need to pee I make him company
and he says something I never forget.
“You know you’ve been away too long when your penis smells like a cheese doodle
– the cheesier snack.” Please take it back!
I can never eat that sort of thing again.
Charlie and L A B A N saved me once and they’d do it again
. I’m in love with you, tell me what to do,
to pay you back somehow.

So sing along with me if you trust me on this one.
Some people deserves a salute
, some people absolutely deserves a salute.
I count to four.
One, two, one two three four...

We went to Emmaboda in the morning
to do a breakfast pop show in a tent.
And we decided to go an hour ago, and the Swedish pop freaks went “Hey hey ho!”
And we did a really good show that morning
, as good as we always do.
And the Pipettes were there and the Cassettes were there and
Andy the father of monkeys was there said
“I’m gonna give you to the UK Billie the Vision and the Dancers.
You can sleep at my place, you can eat from my plate.
Let’s conquer this kingdom together”.

So sing along with me…

The Norwegian guy introduces himself and I say “Oh my God!
Is it you?
I’d rather talk to you than dance with you so tell me
all about the Convenience”.
And then we started to talk about music
, he said “show me some of your songs.
Take me to your bus and show me some of the stuff.
Show me the black Pablo to the Whitest Boy Alive”
. I was lying on a blanket in the grass when Sanny
& Tim came and woke me.
“We got something for you and our intention is true,
a phone number to a stop smoking line.”

So sing along with me…

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