Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Lyrics of Crimson Moonlight-A Thorn In My Heart-Unblack Metal

A Thorn In My Heart
(Crimson Moonlight)

Fear not the shadow yonder
It is where I bid you to go
Can you hear their silent cries
They need you there you know
Listen to me my child
I want you to make a difference
Serve your fellow humans
And thus show me your reverence
In their souls they wail
A thorn in my heart
But stubbornly they refuse my help
Therefore I send you

Look towards the shadow yonder
It is where I bid you to go.
There is danger there
But you need not fear
My hand will guide you
My love always be there

Behold, I send you out
As sheep amongst the wolves
Farewell utopia, acknowledge their need
Go now. Away, see to your brethren
I am with you

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