Sunday, January 22, 2023

Lyrics of Lluvia y Tierra, La Comuna

Lluvia y tierra
(La Comuna)

Hipnotizado por la danza de tus manos, me pierdo en tus alas,
dame un poquito de esa caña de tus labios "baby girl",
abraza mi alma.

Musa eterna, somos lluvia y tierra,
quiero mojarme otra vez,"sexy baby".

Jah know we'll last forever
'cause you hit my soul
without feeling pain, I say...
I know we'll always
be together,
I'm the ground, you're the rain,
Iwanna get wet once more pretty lady

Sista', hit my soul again
Sista', baby theres no end

Suavecito y caminando
everybody feeling alright,
Comuna style jamming tonight.

Cosmic lady,
make me feel irie
with your magic words,
Always raining,
kissing the nature
in the name of the lord.

Jah bless our unity
and let us fly for an eternity

Sista', hit my soul again
Sista', baby theres no end.

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