Monday, January 23, 2023

Lyrics of Seeed - Next!


Next! we're givin you stuff to relax,
To have sex, to cheer you up when you've vexed
You had a wife,now she's your ex,
Go get a life, we give you soundtrax!
This is how we flex

We plant this sound downtown like a seed growin
You wanna dance so we must keep it goin
A big grieve when we leave every-body knowin:
Seeed is a serious dancehall-rock-rollin!
Like the morning star so we keep glowin
You can hear us from far through your speaker blowin
Seeed, the musical doctor we keep so win the sound,
Feel the medecine flowin


Seeed don't stop to rock the spot all night,(*we rocking the spot tonight) all right
(*we making a ???)

You need medecine we gonna give you some
You don't have money you can pay your fun
Call us doctors we trick if you are sick we will kick
The shit out of you
Just say you want us to
Think loud say what you gonna say
Don't doubt we won't be delayed
Understand that we got you
We have found you and watch you
Then we touch you
With the surgeons blade
Rejoice we are back on your way
Yeah boys let's ride another day
Put some heart in your head
An a thought in your heart
Feel the power this is state of the art

Kick the asses we always gonna be the one
Move the masses no matter we're you come from
Mix the glasses pimps,punks,holy nuns
Move your ass slow or fast

Bring the sound - sound so full of sun
Shake the ground - so jump up everyone
Wanna see you bounce - seeed
Sound comming down burning,
Turn it up and blast it up, yeah
Keep the progress - on, on and on
Afraid of no test - strong, hot and long
You better know this: seeed gonna
Be the one you can rely on till you die
Brigde 2x

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