Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Lyrics of Barneys - Insane

Disco Sucks

Disco sucks and alienates
Why don´t you get a book and try to
make up those words to say

Disco sucks and alienates
Burling radio stations ´till they
ain´t got a song to play

Brandee likes to dance so much
Why don´t she hear me say?

Disco sucks and alienates
I guess she ´ll never know
the cause
Of tripping in that beat
In every fuc*** day

At the same club she goes
There´s a guy who sit and drink
He stares at nothing and think
And he thinks maybe too much
And I´m sure he thinks of her
Even though she puts him down

She´ll never understood why
somebody has to be
As stupid as her

But what can you do when
someone only knows
Concepts like suck and cool

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