Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Lyrics of Inside Out - Culture Beat [720p Upscale]

Inside out
(Culture Beat)

You turn the inside out
Turn the inside out
You tell me what it's all about

To make the tears run dry
You turn the inside out
And I don't have
The slightest doubt

Cause you can see
You can see
That's really inside of me

Cause you can see
You can see
What's really inside of me

No doubt that I am open
In total disarray
Scary that I've found
For what I've been hoping
Yet: I choose to play
The pull of the fantasy of bliss
Lures me to your presence
Silly to fear
What I've missed
Thoughts into my essence
I'm inside out


Love shall not evade me
Persue it I shall
Hearts entwined my mission
The tolling of the bells
Loneley when you found me
Depressed I amno more
The games of dames have ceased
Love you to the core
I'm inside out

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